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The Birth of Barbell Madness llc

When I created Barbell Madness, I had those who lead busy lives, parents, pregnant women, kids, teens, and athletes in mind. However, as I started to develop throughout my own fitness journey, I realized that I really created Barbell Madness for those seeking a healthy lifestyle with understanding. In a nutshell, Barbell Madness was not only created to instruct, but it was created to lead, teach, and innovate within the entirety of the fitness world. Here at Barbell Madness, I don’t just instruct but I also explain the WHY behind each exercise that I have you completing. I understand that there are no one size fit all approaches when it comes to fitness. We are all built differently in terms of anatomy, and so our workouts should be tailored as such. Therefore, I customize each and every workout that I offer to each of my clients, individuality reigns king here! I want my clients to set their own goals and be in control of their own destinies when it comes to their fitness journey. Training with me at Barbell Madness doesn’t just mean losing weight, getting into shape, or becoming healthier but in addition to that, we are a family who enjoys celebrating each other’s wins and promoting a healthier lifestyle. I would love for you to become a part of the family but until then….. Be Great, Be Smart, Be Fit, Be YOU!

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Bottom line, our #1 goal here at Barbell Madness LLC, is for you to perform better! To do so effectively, we believe that building and fostering positive relationships with our clients is the key to a long-lasting relationship that can be beneficial for both the client and trainer. We want to help you be your best when it matters most and we want you to do it INJURY FREE! That’s why we make it our business to incorporate injury resistance training into all our programs, regardless if you are an athlete or not.