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Sports Specific Training
(Performance Enhancement)

Sports specific training programs are for athletes looking to increase their skills and enhance their performance on and off the court. It includes a custom progressive training program tailored towards the athlete’s sport of choice and can include in-person or online training sessions as well. Every program is customized for each individual athlete. No matter whether you’re looking to get stronger, become faster, more powerful and agile, we can help you get the job done! Please join us or a free fitness assessment and consultation at any time.

We currently create custom training programs for athletes competing in the sports listed below. If you do not see your sport, no worries! We can still work with you to gain insight and knowledge about your specific sport and adapt a program tailored to your needs.

  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Volleyball
  • Baseball/Softball

If you’re looking to gain massive strength and build muscle, then our strength building program might be just for you. With 4-8 weeks of strength training and progressive overload implementation, our strength program is designed to elicit maximal muscle recruitment. Explore the Barbell Madness way of developing iron strength. This program is suitable for all fitness levels with the focus on increasing muscular strength and muscular hypertrophy.

This training program focuses on developing adequate core stability, increasing balance and awareness, along with improving neuromuscular coordination. At the most basic level, your stability, balance, core strength, and mind to muscle connection will be challenged. This program is good for those looking to improve overall core stability and overall stabilization as well as for those looking to correct muscle and postural imbalances. This program is especially beneficial for the athlete looking to recover after grueling in-season competitions.

Injury prevention programs are custom programs aimed at correcting muscle imbalances and strengthening specific areas of interest that are known to be problematic for the athlete. PFP, Lateral Ankle Sprains, ACL Tears, and Shoulder Instability are just a few common injuries that many athletes suffer. Throughout the program, we emphasize and implement stretching protocols as well as strengthening exercises that are designed to strengthen the areas that are known for being problematic. This is not a rehab program, but rather a preventative one for the athlete who’s looking to be more progressive when it comes to preventing injury.

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Personal Training

Personal Training services are tailored to each individual based on their fitness desires and what they wish to achieve. If you are someone who prefers a one-on-one direct approach to training, then in-person training services may be beneficial for you. For those of you who prefer to work out alone or in the confinement of your own home, you may benefit from online training services. Traditional personal training services are tailored to those with goals of losing weight, building general strength, learning correct form, building muscle, and increasing their cardiovascular performance. This is not a beneficial package for the athlete looking to increase their performance.

Mobility programs are designed for those looking to increase their mobility to prevent the development of muscle imbalances as well as increasing flexibility and increasing your range of motion. Throughout the program, we may utilize concepts such as static stretching, dynamic stretching, PNF stretching, and active-isolated stretching. This program can be seen as preventative, as injuries often occur when you move a limb through an extensive range of motion that its not use too, while doing functional activities, resulting in and/or risking overstretching the muscles. 

Fitness Training Packages

Tier 1:  $50/Month

Best for those who are familiar with fitness, but are just looking for feedback and guidance. 

This Package Includes:

  • Weekly Zoom Meetings for Progress and Program Discussions (30 Min Meeting)
  • Program Creation Assistance (I will assist with creating a program)
  • Nutritional Guidance

Tier 2: $75/Month

Best for those who are new to fitness and need a bit more guidance to get started.

This Package Includes: 

  • Weekly Zoom Meetings for Progress and Program Discussions (30 Min Meeting)
  • Program Creation (I will create the program)
  • Nutritional Guidance
  • (2) In-Person Gym Sessions (45-Min-1hr Sessions)

Tier 3  $100/Month (Super Package)

Best for those who need complete fitness guidance, especially those who are looking to lose weight and or gain muscle. 

This Package Includes:

  • Weekly Zoom Meetings for Progress and Program Discussions (30 Min Meeting)
  • Program Creation
  • Nutritional Guidance
  • (4) In-Person Gym Sessions (45-Min Sessions)
  • Monthly Weigh-Ins and Body Composition Measurements