Tips for Staying Consistent with Exercise

Tips for Staying Consistent with Exercise

Sure, fitness instruction is nice. It’s always great to know the correct way to complete an exercise and form is indeed important when it comes to working out. However, there’s something that’s just as important as your form, and that is CONSISTENCY. Let’s talk about a few tips that you can implement to help you stay on track. After all, you can’t worry about your form if you don’t show up to do the work.

Tip #1

Break up your exercise routine into increments; a little goes a long way
I get it, we all get busy. Some of us have kids, some of us work very long hours, and many of us do all of the above. However, think about it this way. In order to complete the everyday task that you’re faced with, you have the energy to do so. You need to feel good so that you can perform well. This is why just carving out at least 15min to get your body moving, is a beneficial way to keep your body ready for whatever the day may bring. Do this 3-4 times daily, and you’re now cranking out the 45min-1hr worth of exercise daily. Can you now visualize how a little goes a long way? Just by changing the way you incorporate exercise into your daily routine.

Tip #2

Set realistic expectations
As a personal trainer, I’ve seen many people forego their fitness goals, just because they didn’t get the results they wanted in such a short amount of time. Now let me say this, yes, you can achieve some amazing results in a short period of time. However, goals should remain realistic. This will allow you to stay consistent with exercise, by not allowing yourself to feel defeated by not achieving a goal that may have been a bit too optimistic in the first place.

Example: I want to lose 100lbs in 30 days.

Not only is such a goal unrealistic, but it would also be extremely unhealthy and nearly impossible to lose weight at this rate. Most experts recommend that you lose no more than 1-2lbs a week. So, give yourself some breathing room, and allow yourself to enjoy the fitness transformation process.

Tip #3

Make exercise a priority
Now this one may sound a little cliché, but it’s indeed the truth. Think about it, picking up your kids from school is a priority correct? (Boy, oh boy I hope so, lol)

But seriously, you need to put exercise on a pedestal just like you do anything else in your life. Don’t view exercise or losing weight as something you do when you have time for it. Instead, treat your fitness journey as a priority, and show up when you make the commitment, just like you do with other things that are important to you. Don’t allow yourself to fail the journey, just like you don’t want to fail at other important things; And most importantly, if you get off track, pick yourself up again, just as you do when life gets tough. Make room for the things you value, and everything else will follow suit.

-Samantha J.